Friday, 25 November 2016

What lies ahead in Australia?

Are you willing to buy a house in Australia or wants to invest in property or you are thinking in future. Buying a house in Australia is not a big deal unless you are having heavy pockets currently, the property market in Australia is favorable but how it will react in few coming years or in 2020? What lies ahead for the property market? Buying in New South Wales, News Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria, Western Australia.

Almost anyone who owns real estate would give their second garage to know what will happen to prices in the prices in the future. Will they go up and if, so, by how much? Where will this happen, and when? What is the house and unit price outlook across Australia in 2020?

To give our Crystal Ball a solid foundation, statistical snapshot of prices and sales in all capital cities in February 2010. The data comprehended the comparative sale numbers and median sale prices from February 2014. Hopefully, this four-year snapshot will reveal trends that help us to forecast what lies ahead for Australia’s capital city housing markets. Well the reason we have seen such strong growth in Sydney and not in other markets is more because of overseas migration to Sydney, which has been fairly strong because of its job opportunities, because New South Wales migration away has been low since 2010 and also because there is shortfall in housing.    


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