Sunday, 6 November 2016

Buy and Sell in South Australia

We can see the new overseas market for prime South Australia produce as a major spur to future real estate market. The Kemp real estate principal and joint winner of RIESA valuable Sir Robert Torrens award says buyers and sellers had several reasons to feel confident in South Australia market.

South Australia has some fantastic opportunities to grow and produce exports. There is a jobs spin off from such contracts, which goes straight into the real estate market .These are being driven mainly by seafood, our wines and dairy products. Ironically South Australia, naval and submarine contracts is also the reason to feel confident about the property market. Those contracts are going to fill some big holes in the economy for years to come as far as jobs go, the benefits will flow on directly into the real estate market and industry.

The lifestyle is attractive and will remain a key in a buoyant. It is one of the greatest places to live anywhere in Australia and probably the world , the future prospect of lifestyle is going to become even more important with aging populations ,especially in regard to retiree and aged housing demand .In few years down the line, agents may become a one-stop shop for property . 

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