Monday, 26 September 2016

5 Things to Take Care of while Relocating

During shifting it is more than throwing your things into boxes and loading a truck, it needs careful planning, strategizing, and budgeting.Some of these relocations may be less than optimal.

Avoid these five common relocation mistakes:

·       Not Planning a Packing Strategy -Make a list of the stuff you require before you pack. Buy boxes from any office supply store or they may be available for free at a wholesaler stores if you ask nicely.Other packaging necessities include hand trucks, plastic totes, ratchet straps, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

·       Not visiting enough beforehand – Do not think you fully understood the city in just one visit. If possible, go several times to get a more detailed idea or hire a real estate agent to know about the city's economic structure and culture.

·       Failing to prepare your home for a move in -Has your electrical utilities,water, and heat been turned on? Did you change your address? Do a walkthrough of the new house before shifting your belongings.

·       Not understanding the merit of valuation - Certain moving companies provide protection in the form of valuation, in which the company assumes some level of liability in the case of damaged goods or accident. Valuation is not similar to insurance, therefore not enforced by state laws.

·       Forgetting to pack an overnight bag -The value of packing an overnight bag ensures that you have the important stuff you need when you arrive at your new house else you will be poking into boxes to find clean clothing and toothpaste.

Accrued property lists out the above mistakes and helps you in the shifting process.

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