Friday, 5 August 2016

Eco friendly Real Estate Projects

Real estate industry is focusing on the recent trend of eco-friendly homes. Builders are eager to develop eco-friendly properties. In major metropolitan towns, the demand for such eco-friendly projects is high rising by time.
Sustainability is the new mantra in the context of real estates. Eco-friendly constructions not only decreases carbon content but cuts down maintenance and utilization charges. Eco-friendly homes are basically made to reduce pollution content, environmental wastes and less bad effects on human health.
The government has also started building green homes for all builders and developers. Its main aim is to decrease the use of the natural resource as much as possible.
Hence sustainable building projects are an urgent need now.
Some facilities that these projects have- waste management program, water harvesting, using solar energy for lighting surrounding areas and so on.

Some advantages are-
·       Data from researches showed that respiratory issues have resolved in green homes.
·       Reuse, recycling, use of renewable resource have lessened the use of natural resource.
·       Advantageous to both user and builder. Builder charges for green certification and consumer in return gets an additional benefit in case of resale. The green certification attracts customers.
·       Green home saves 30% to 40% power consumptions. 

Hire agents who have quite a knowledge about green homes and knows about properties whose designers are experts in the green home. Look for properties which have green home certifications.

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