Sunday, 26 June 2016

Australia's beautiful Iceland

Australia is a well known tourist hub. Beautiful beach, sunset, sunrise, tourist places attracts to visit there. 

Investment on Iceland is not a bad idea. In today, there are large population want to spend there holidays on a Iceland. Here I am introducing best tourist destination on Iceland in Australia.


Australia, South Pacific

A magnificent Iceland from the Queensland cost. It is in range of 10000 square. Rainfall, resort are very attractive place.


Australia, South Pacific

Elizabeth Island is Private Island, 20 metres above sea level. It is located near the Melbourne. Rainfall is attractive place for visitors. Sunset, sunrise is another eyes catching sight for tourist. 


Australia, South Pacific

It is owned leisure destination featuring 4 beautiful and award winning cabins in the famed Whitsundays. 

Temple Island

Australia, Cape Palmerstone.

Main attraction point at Temple Island is rainforest, orchids, white sand beaches, coral, oysters’ whales and a Range Rover.
There is also four bedroom set and a 11000 meters airstrip.

Wallis Island Parcel

Australia, Forster.

A well-known Island is known for its beauty. Oysters, various fish species, mud crabs, blue swimmers, prawns and octopus are main features from this Iceland. Walk and swimming is best leisure for the tourist.

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